How to remove a deep splinter

by Stephen Dayton on October 19, 2007



We all find that splinters can be a nuisance and can be painful right? In order to remove a splinter you usually either banana-01A.jpguse a pair of tweezers or pinch the skin so that you can remove it with your fingers, but alas all that pain resulted in the splinter not moving or going deeper into the skin.

But, fear not my good man or woman, there is a natural remedy to the rescue! In researching this subject and finding the answer, it would barbaric (did I really say barbaric!) not to name the source of this home made remedy.

According to Andrea Candee, the text to follow teaches us how to utilize a banana peel for natural splinter removal and even other foreign objects!

The first step is to cut a one inch square piece of a ripened banana peel. Now don’t eat it! Next, eat it ……… err I mean cover the infected area by placing the pulp side of the banana to the skin. Wrap the banana peel with surgical tape and leave it on overnight or until you begin to smell like banana bread. According to Andrea the splinter should rise to the top of the skin and will probably stick itself to the banana pulp. If the splinter is very deep, several applications may be necessary. You may find that fruit flies develop a love affair with you, but it does work to remove splinters!

The use of banana peels for shining shoes was another benefit, but I wouldn’t know, I wear sneakers. Using the pulp of the banana peel, simply rub it on dark shoes and then buff.

Obviously if you can get a splinter out right away and can remove it with the traditional set of tweezers, but if all else fails a trip to the produce section may be just what the doctor ordered!



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Courtneey April 4, 2010 at 3:24 AM

I HOPE THIS WORKS!! lol i stepped on a 3-corner jack and some of it snapped inside my foot under a layer or 2,or 3 or 4 of my skin lol. So im trying many methods….lol HELP!

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